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Epic miniature golf course Hipstamatic, Statue Of Liberty at Par-King Skill Golf by Robert on EyeEm



The GR Zine Fest is coming up quick!! Here is the current exhibitor list of everyone who will be tabling at our festival on August 23rd:

Stranger Two Stranger – Robert Hendricks
Issue Press – George Wietor
Easy Street Publications – Theresa Williams
The Magnolia Review Zine & Confident…

I’ll be here! Will you?


Michigan State football media day Football, Spartans , Michigan State, Hipstamatic at Spartan Stadium by Robert on EyeEm

Watching Manchester Orchestra on the lollapalooza live stream. It’s not as smelly and sweaty as being there in person, but still pretty good.

The Rosa Parks bus Hipstamatic, History, Museum at Henry Ford Museum by Robert on EyeEm

Yoke’s on you! Truck, Eggs, Joke by Robert on EyeEm

"…unpleasantly aromatic…often found in disturbed sites…also called dragon’s blood…" Sounds about right Plant Garden Meta Hipstamatic at Beal Botanical Garden by Robert on EyeEm